SMRT is ‘out of touch’

This will not be a ‘rant’ but an honest observation on my part.

As you all already know, SMRT has decided to fine those caught eating and drinking in MRT trains and stations on the spot. The first person they caught was a woman eating sweets. What a way to start their new ‘campaign’. As if raising the train fare isn’t enough, they are using this ‘campaign’ to justify the raise. As what my friend, Callan Tham from Trapper’s Swamp says ‘to cover extra operational costs’.

Its high time for SMRT to use the money we pay them to start doing their job. They should start paying their staff more money to get their asses of their office chairs to walk through the trains. People don’t only eat on the trains nowadays. They are having a party too! They are blasting their music on their phones like they are only one in the train and we can’t tell them off because there is no rule stating otherwise! Imagine tired office workers on the way home without their MP3s. They have to bear music ranging from techno to Bollywood. Shouldn’t this people be fined for disturbing the peace?.

This is what Chia Chun Wah, deputy director of Stations Operations at SMRT Trains, said

“We are trying to eradicate this (habit of) eating and drinking both in the stations and the trains. We have been doing a lot of advisories to the passengers.

“Obviously, there’s a certain limit where we can educate the passengers. Now we’re going to this enforcement scheme and trying to educate passengers further and to refrain from eating and drinking in the systems.”

So they want to ‘educate’ us eh? Isn’t education all rounded? Is eating and drinking worse than disturbing the peace?. Now its only blasting their music. If SMRT don’t stop that, people will probably start a riot on the train. By that time, eating and drinking won’t be your main problem.

I have a suggestion. Since some people are plain bored and obvoiusly can’t afford a ear piece, why don’t SMRT play music or radio stations in the train? That will prevent those who are caught eating from saying they are bored. Since we are all for ‘Supporting local talent’, why not play their music or their videos on the trains?. Foreigners take trains too don’t they?

Who knows? Maybe there’s a talent scout who’s bored on the train, about to reach for his potato chips and Mp3, looks up and sees, say, Electico singing? For that 30 mins in the train, he or she will probably be entertained and the potato chips forgotten.




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2 responses to “SMRT is ‘out of touch’

  1. “Now its only blasting their music. If SMRT don’t stop that, people will probably start a riot on the train. By that time, eating and drinking won’t be your main problem.”

    Careful with the slippery slope argument there.

    I do agree that SMRT has lost it. If they hired that many enforcement officers, there is better use for them. Such as mopping up the puke when a passenger throws up after being denied the comfort of a sweet, or administering the Heimlich maneuver when someone chokes on their pills since they can’t drink water.

    Or have them act like monitors, where the passengers can ask for “permission” to suck on a sweet. Or drink some water since pills are not easy to swallow without it.

  2. tauhuayboy

    Have you noticed their officers are getting younger and younger?. Doubt they have the courage to approach a old man who’s drinking a can of beer.

    Hahahs. I like your suggestion. How about a counter where people can eat their medicine before hand or finsh up their food?.

    I hope the won’t come out with a statement like:

    ‘To do this, we have to raise train fare blah blah blah’

    They have raised enough!

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