Singapore, my home.

Since Singapore is turning 44 this Sunday, I see it fit too pay tribute to her. But this post won’t be all praise. There will be some harsh words too. Whatever your view, I welcome it.

First of all, I would like to applaud Mr Lee Kuan Yew for almost single -handedly brought up this nation. Singapore wouldn’t have made it so far if not for him. But 44 years later, we are no longer a ‘young’ nation. Its time we look forward to the next 44 years.

I believe we have grown complacent. Singaporeans think that they have crossed this finishing line which says ‘we have made it’. But as my friend, Callan Tham, in his blog post, What I DON’ T appreciate  says, ‘Getting sheltered walkways (which, by the way, is NOT universal, even in a new estate like mine) or our rubbish cleared does not mean we stop discussing real issues’ I agree with that. But the question now is, are we ready to discuss the ‘real issue’ at hand’? I am ready. But what about the rest of my fellow Singaporeans?. I don’t think so. I believe Singaporeans are NOT ready to discuss any sensitive issue, preferring to leave it aside till a person comes along, decides to discuss the issue and then they will start making noises. Then that ‘can of worms’, will be closed once again.

It is really sad to see in a ‘first world’ country like Singapore, people with tattoos are still shunned, where people believe everything the Government ‘feeds’ to them.  That is not to say I’m against the Government. I stand by my stand that I support any Government which is not corrupted. I don’t care which party is in charge. But then again, where are we going to express our ‘freedom of speech’ when the Government decides to ‘spy’ on us at the only place we can do it. By installing cameras at Hong Lim Park.

Kudos to the PAP for leading so well for 44 years. I don’t necessarily agree with their decisions, but i applaud one thing they did. That is to allow people of different races and religion to live together in peace and harmony. But is it time for the a new Government? A new change of leadership?. I say yes. Change is good. Change is for the better. We need a Government who is not afraid to attack the opposition and let them have the space and freedom to fight back and bold enough to make changes without having to listening to citizens whining about what is not good enough for their kid or that guy with tattoos should not be seen in public or whatever. Hell, we should have a Parliament like Japan or South Korea where the Parliament gets into fights. Literally. Singapore’s Parliament is just too..quiet.

I’m not patriotic but I love my country. That’s why it saddens me that people are taking a backseat to everything that needs to be discussed. I want to see my county move forward. I want my country to be more open in discussing sensitive issues. I thank God for what He has done to help Singapore but I pray that we will stop being complacent.

This is my home. This is where I was born and this is where I will die. But please, don’t make me change my mind.


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  1. Interesting post. It certainly clarifies your comments on my blog. But I have a post in response:

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