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The tale of the Professor and the Father.

Hello people! Sorry for not posting for so long. Couldn’t find anything that I could really talk about and make my voice heard. But thanks to the Attorney General, Professor Walter Woon, who decided to FINALLY give his views on underage sex, and a father, who should I say, is overtly concerned about how the media is influencing his precious 13 years old daughter’s mind.

Let’s start with Prof Woon a.k.a The Prof.

Prof Woon was giving a speech at the third Children’s Society Lecture and decided to address the issue of underage sex. You can find the article at Channel NewsAsia.

He accepted that times have changed, and now, its the minors themselves who go out and actively look for sexual partners and prostitute themselves.

As what I see from some of the cases that come across my desk, they go out and solicit these contacts. In one case, she solicited it in her own home, not far from where I live…..It is not just the girls, but the boys (too)… male prostitute who went on the Internet, gay chatroom to earn money….”

He went on to admit that there were loopholes in the legal system when it involves two minors having sex.

“It is not easy and this is where the NGOs, the community services play a part. Obviously, it is not just for the judges. The judges cannot do very much by themselves.

Hear hear! Singapore’s lawmakers! Are u listening?. Pass a law which doesn’t protect the minor who is obviously guilty anymore. To borrow a line from Britney Spears, a 14-year-old teen will laugh into your face and say: ‘I’m not that innocent’.

But as what my dear friend Callan firmly believes, that punishment should come with teaching, Prof Woon says: “There has to be some follow-up. Even if you send the boy to jail, or the girl to jail, or both of them to jail, there has got to be something done. Sending them to jail per se would not make them reflect on their lives. That is the last thing that is going to happen. But good or ill, this is the framework that we have”.

The jury is still out on this topic. Watch this space.

Let’s move on to the Father.

I was reading The Straits Times on Friday, when I came across this article in Review:Insight. The article was on the new Censorship Review Committee. The article was titled ‘To snip, ban, hold the line or open up further?’

Mr Kevind Kao, 58, a father of a 13-year-old teen, thinks the world has gone ‘mad’ with the relentless exposure to explicit sexual content.

His views on sex is somewhat hilarious. He said ‘To me, sex is like a handgun’. You don’t teach a child how to use a gun. You take it away from him. So why are we teaching kids to wear condoms?’.

Welcome to the real world Mr Kao. As our friend, Prof Woon, who finally came back from his own world, I believe you will one day come to realise that prevention is better than refusing to accept that teens are more pro-active when it comes to sex now. I mean, come on, hand to your heart, can you keep watch on your daughter for 24 hours?. What if your precious daughter finds herself in a situation where sex is inevitable but she doesn’t know how to have safe sex because her daddy refused to tell her what a condom is?.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not encouraging minors to have sex. Or even safe sex for that matter. I’m a firm believer of sex after marriage. I’m just saying that why be a coward and run away from the topic?. Why not educate your daughter instead of denying her the knowledge about having safe sex?

I will end with this: This joker wants the Censorship Review Committee to ban children under the age of 18 to have phones with internet. Can you believe this man?.

Now, where’s that Pager?.




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