Capital Punishment: For or Against?.

Capital punishment is defined as ‘the execution of a person by the legal system as a punishment for an offense’. Capital crimes include Firearm, Murder and Drug Trafficking. But according to ThinkCentre, most of the capital punishments that Singapore has handed out are drug related offences. But as we all know, the drugs are still being handed out and the cases of drug abuse among the young are rising at an alarming rate. So, is the death penalty the way forward? Is it still relevant?

I agree with what he said, to a certain extent. I agree that murderers and criminals who go around shooting at people should be put to death. But drug traffickers? Yes, they ruin lives by selling drugs. But then again, if there’s no demand, will there be supply? What I’m saying is, it takes two hands to clap. I will talk about that again later. Let’s take a look at the general public who are against and those who are in favour of capital punishment.

The year: 2005: In the aftermath of the execution of convicted Australian drug-runner Van Nguyen, who was arrested at Changi airport three years ago while in transit from Cambodia to Australia with 400 grams of heroin in his possession three years earlier, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, defended Singapore’s decision to hang Van Nguyen. He said: ‘We think that drug trafficking is a crime that deserves the death penalty. The evil inflicted on thousands of people with drug trafficking demands that we must tackle the source by punishing the traffickers rather than trying to pick up the pieces afterwards,” he said.

Demand and supply. If there’s no demand for drugs, would there be a supply for drugs? My point is, there’s no use executing the trafficker and not finding out the reason for the demand. Why does this teenager need drugs? Why does he/she still do drugs even when they know the consequences?

Abolish the death penalty for drug trafficking. It is not working. Killing them doesn’t mean the end of the drugs issue. People are still repeating the same mistake. I say, educate them in prison and then release them into the society to educate soon-to-be drug abusers.

Whether we care to admit it or not, drug abuse is here to stay. Taking another human life with the knowledge that drugs is still flowing in the society out there is plain murder. Education is the way forward. But then again, the jury is still out on this issue.



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2 responses to “Capital Punishment: For or Against?.

  1. Lenox

    Likewise, murderers will still exist too, should these also merit a non-capital punishment?

    I have a different view from yours, murderers usually do not kill too many ppl, however, drugs traffickers destroy many lives and families…..

  2. seann_

    conversely, without a supply the demand cannot ever be met, and that’s what the government is trying to do. in addition, you make it sound as if the government isnt doing anything to nip the problem in the butt. sure, you can say they’re not doing enough, but when is it ever going to be enough? there’s no way of achieving absolute moral justice in this world, even if we do strive for it as much as we possibly can. flaws, y’know?

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