Will this happen in Singapore?.

Reading about the churches that were petrol-bombed in Malaysia the past week set me thinking:

1) Will this lesson teach Singaporeans not to take our peaceful multi-religious society for granted?

2) This incident is too damn close to Singapore..

The whole incident in Malaysia started after the Kuala Lumpur High Court struck down the three-year old ban on non-Muslims using of the word ‘Allah’. This made some Muslim groups unhappy, so they went around bombing churches.

Here in Singapore, where different religions are able to live peacefully among each other, I fear that Singaporeans will dismiss this incident as a one-off and be complacent. We cannot afford to do that. The racial riots in Singapore was a good example. Do we want to see that happening again?.

The ability for different people of race and religion to live as one in Singapore is what makes us special. All it takes is one incident, e.g. The AWARE incident, to stir up discontent among the different groups and destroy this special relationship.

I pray that my Christians brothers and sisters will continue to trust that God will protect them. That Singaporeans too, will remember this incident, and never, let it happen here.


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  1. After AWARE saga now that we have this Rev Pastor Rony Tan Case! – Thanks for alerting/reminding all of Singaporeans!

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