STOMP, anyone?.

“Singapore’s mainstream media is accurate, timely and balanced in their reporting,

The above statement was made by Singapore’s Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts Lui Tuck Yew. Well, I totally beg to differ. Here’s why:


I’m one of the people who follows @stcom (The Straits Times) on Twitter. And I read their website occasionally. And I believe that I’m updated with ‘news’ on how The Undertaker was injured in a fireworks display, or how someone created a ‘fairytale of their wedding. Then we have The New Paper, who’s front page is almost usually, sex scandals and the occasional story of neighbours suing each other because of a parking space.


Oh come on Minister, please don’t tell me you have never heard of  Facebook and Twitter?. They update me with news, credible one at that, as fast as even before you finish saying ‘Parliament’.


Sex scandals, are made to appear that there are 1000 Tiger Woods out there. Need I say more?.

Then again, where else can we get our news from? STOMP, anyone?.



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3 responses to “STOMP, anyone?.

  1. I agree with the timely bit; MSM has not been timely for a while now. The news are not balanced, but that is not measured by how many scandals they report, but rather how well they cover all sides of the story.

    Your points about their accuracy has nothing to do with, well, accuracy. You can argue that the stories covered should not be classified as news, but they are pretty accurate.

  2. DK

    I asked this question during a discussion between MSM Journalist and Bloggers: Why do I want to pay for yesterday’s news when I can get today’s news for free.

    If you want timely news, go Twitter, Blogs or Forums.

  3. serenetan

    Not to mention this article about ang pows

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