Our Not So Secret Lives: Crossroads

Not So Secret Lives is a story about 2 youths, Trey and Jesse, and the friends around them using a blog. The story is fictional but the issues are what teenagers go through these days. I strongly recommend this blog/show because Trey and Jesse will touch on taboo subjects like Sex, HIV and STI, which my readers will know I blogged about in my earlier posts.

I was invited to the blogger preview of the new season, Our Not So Secret Lives: Crossroads. Not to worry if you missed out on the first season. You can catch up on it in the blog.

The new season begins with Trey finding himself awake the next day after a hangover at a party the previous night in a hotel room, naked. And there is a strand of black hair. Then he starts feeling real guilty about waking up and having no idea what happened.

He starts lying to Jesse over and over again and doesn’t dare to face her. As he recounts the incident of that particular with his best friend, Cameron, the picture of what happened that night became clearer. And he realises he had unprotected sex.

I feel that since he already has a girlfriend, he shouldn’t be getting drunk and having sex with random strangers. The result of his irresponsible actions may lead to serious consequences. AIDS, for one, comes to mind.

“Harmless fun may not be as harmless as you think”. Find out why at Not So Secret Lives. You can join in the discussions too in the Facebook fan page

There is a contest too. Click here

Four $200 CapitaGift Cards are up for grabs.
Judges’ Choice: Best written blog entry
Judges’ Choice: Best submitted entry (via Google form on blogs)
Lucky draw prizes (x2): One participant (blog reader) will be picked from all qualified submitted entries (excluding the Judges’ Choice) along with the blogger from whose blogsite the participant had submitted the entry through.

Submission deadlines
The contest starts on 7 March 2010, and ends on 28 March 2010, 2359hrs. Any entry after 28 March will not be considered for the contest.

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