UK General Election Debate Round 2

I’m unable to find the full videos at the moment, so the videos below are broken up into a few parts. Alternatively, you can go to Sky News website to watch the full video.

Gordon Brown vs David Cameron vs Nick Clegg Round 2

As the leaders had a go at each other again, I felt Nick Clegg was calmed and relaxed and answered the questions directly, unlike the other two who forgot that this debate includes the Liberal Democrats and not just Labour and Tories.

Both Brown and Cameron tried to play the “look at those two” card that Clegg carried off so well the previous week, but when they did it it looked like a tactic that each had suddenly remembered to deploy.

Gordon Brown looked like a total idiot on TV. He was draggy and over-technical, and his attempts at humour sounded desperate.

Looking forward to the last debate next week.


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One response to “UK General Election Debate Round 2

  1. I have stopped watching the debate because even though it is quite exciting after awhile I just get sad that it’s not my country and I don’t get to vote for it (not if I want to still stay on the Singapore electoral register) and then when I get sad like that it gets boring.

    But I love reading the live-tweets that come from the various Brits I follow. Seeing that most of them are comedians it’s absolutely awesome.

    The “look at those two” card doesn’t really work as well for the Tories or Labour because for the longest, longest time, they have been the “two”. And they still squabbling as “two”. So to suddenly make the Lib Dems seem like the “two” just doesn’t work in the public consciousness.

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