UK General Election 2010 quick update

The election results are coming in thick and fast, so I will just update you on the latest so far and give you the links to British bloggers, websites and basically people who are on the scene.

Latest election results so far:

Conservatives: 305 seats
Labour: 258 seats
Liberal Democrats: 57 seats
Going by the latest seats count, Britain’s parliament is hung. A hung Parliament is created if no party wins an outright majority. In this election that would require one party to win 326 seats out of 650 with the Tories predicted to win only 309 at the current count.
If the Tories do not form a minority government, two parties must form a coalition to govern in order to create an overall majority of MPs.
Blogs to follow:
For people who are on Twitter:
Hastags to follow on Twitter:


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