Shanmugam’s own version of ‘For The Greater Good’

Singapore’s Law Minister K Shanmugam defended the mandatory death penalty in an article in TODAY:

People assume you can have this safety and security without this framework of the law; that you can change it, and yet your safety and security will not be affected,” he said. “But there are always trade-offs. The difficulty the Government has sometimes in explaining this is that the trade-offs are not apparent. The damage to a large number of others is not obvious.
“You save one life here, but 10 other lives will be gone. What will your choice be?
If a drug mule escapes the death penalty. drug barons will think the signal is that young and vulnerable traffickers will be spared and can be used as drug mules, argued Mr Shanmugam.
“Then you’ll get 10 more. There’ll be an unstoppable stream of such people coming through as long as we say we won’t enforce our law
I feel he’s missing the point here. He’s not nipping the problem in the bud by going after the drug mules who sometimes have no idea what they are doing. He should be going after the drug barons instead.
If he say that there are trade offs, which also means that he’s willing to sacrifice the drug mules ‘for the greater good’, then my question is, by doing that, will the drugs stop coming?
This is a very weak and heartless argument for keeping the death penalty.


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2 responses to “Shanmugam’s own version of ‘For The Greater Good’

  1. DK

    The problem is, the drug barons are not in Singapore and does not fall under our jurisdiction. So the only thing he could do is to set up a strong deterrence to discourage the drug mules from trafficking drug into Singapore.

    And should this deterrence fail and some drug mules decided to smuggle drug into Singapore, once they are caught, we need to follow what the law prescribe for the crime.

    And I do not buy the story that the drug mules does not know the content of the things he/she is bringing across the borders.

    • tauhuayboy

      But if the drug barons are not caught, don’t u agree that the drugs will keep on coming, no matter how many drug mules they catch?

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