Spoilt kids: Whose fault?

I couldn’t resist writing about Sulthan Niaz’s letter which bordered on sexism and what looked liked an attack on women in Singapore to the ST Forum.

I would have fully agreed with Mr Niaz if his letter was about my future generation . But I certainly do not agree with his comments about women in his generation. Why my future generation? Let me explain.

I was walking past a primary school one fine day. There were school kids with their maids, or mothers sitting outside the school. Upon closer observation, I realised, to my surprise that the maids and mothers were FEEDING the kids. Mind you, these school kids look like they were in Primary 5.

As I walked away, it suddenly dawned on me that these kids were going to be the next generation. They are going to be replacing my generation. Yes, horrifying. Contrary to Mr Niaz’s observation, kids these days are the true spoilt princes and princess.

Look around. Kids as young as 7 years old, or younger are already using sophisticated gadgets like iPhones and BlackBerries. In my time, I only got to play with trucks and figurines.  I’m not trying to complain about the ‘boring’ childhood I have. I’m just saying that kids at that age should be learning about manners and being prepared for the harsh realties of the world, instead of being treated like royalty.

So whose fault is it that kids are so spoilt these days?  Ultimately, its the parents. Because everything is taught at home. I therefore, would like to take take this opportunity to thank my parents for not spoiling me and giving in to my whinings whenever I desired something that I shouldn’t be having at my age.

I will confidently say this. If parents continue to spoil their childern, then there will be more uproar and arguments if a letter like Mr Niaz’s appears again in the future.



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6 responses to “Spoilt kids: Whose fault?

  1. hahaha

    we are all spoilt kids to our earlier generations. What we cannot ignore and forget is we need to teach our next generation of kids the necessary skills to live in this world.

  2. But then again your conclusion goes back to Niaz’s original point of bad parenting, doesn’t it? :O

  3. tauhuayboy

    @hahaha: Well said.

    @Jezebella: You would have noticed that I wrote ‘I would have fully agreed with Mr Niaz…’ So yeah, I agree with Mr Niaz on the bad parenting part. Not his attack on women.

  4. I have to say that I just can’t believe that primary 5 school kids have to be fed by their maids. Surely the maids have more important things to do–like teaching the kids do something.

    Jenny She.

  5. It's not a big deal

    Those kids who raised up by maids will have maids to raise up their kids, too! Yes they’re spoilt but that doesn’t mean they can’t have life skills or have good careers. Doesn’t mean they all grow up badly and uneducated.

  6. Tauhuay boy, you do sum up an excellent point about spoilt kids. If you read up on the British or American newspapers online, the Caucasian parents tend to spoil their kids with designer brands which are supposed to be for adults. Therefore, I have to say Asian parents who spoil theirs are in the same league as those Western parents. They are both also setting their kids into a road of ruin filled with constant dissatisfaction with themselves and life followed by zero morals and lots of materialism that also set them up for a life full of unhappiness and disappointment.

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