Why SMRT’s apology is unacceptable

By now, Singaporeans will know about the vandalism of the SMRT train, given that thousands take it everyday. Which is why SMRT apology for the incident is unacceptable.

It is truly and really amazing how easy it is for Oliver Fricker and Lloyd Dane Alexander to break in the Changi Depot and vandalise the train. The authorities must have heaved a sign of relief that  it was just graffiti, and not a bomb. Apparently, they didn’t remember the Madrid train bombings.

Right now, the authorities are trying their best to move the spotlight out of the ‘splattered egg’ on SMRT face by hunting down Alexander and announcing to everyone who is listening that they are caning Fricker. Hell, his bail was $100,000.

But the real questions remain unanswered. Why was the depot so easy to break in, in the first place? For all the talk of how safe Singapore is, this incident has thrown a spotlight on Singapore’s defence vulnerability.  Just like how easy it was for Mas Selamat to escape. Recently, Indonesian police found a map of Singapore MRT network after raiding a terrorist hideout. So, why oh why, wasn’t the security at the depot beefed up?

SMRT’s apology and reason for the security lapse was laughable:

SMRT Corp. said it has beefed up security at train depots by adding razor wire to perimeter fences, more cameras and foot patrols by guards in response to the incident, which led local media to question the city-state’s preparedness against possible terrorist attacks.
“We deeply regret that a serious security lapse occurred in our depot,” Chief Executive Saw Phaik Hwa said in a statement. “Since the breach, we have taken immediate steps to strengthen our security to prevent recurrence.
My first reaction, and I’m sure my fellow Singaporeans share the same sentiments as me, after reading this was: ‘What? You jokers are telling me that the train I take everyday is so vulnerable to a bomb attack? Why wasn’t there more cameras, barbed wire fences and foot patrols in the first place?’
SMRT should be severely punished for this security lapse. After all, they are putting Singaporeans who take the trains everyday and who pay so much for the train fares and don’t make noise when SMRT raise the train fares as and when they want, at risk.
Just like heads rolled when Mas Selamat escaped, the same must happen at SMRT. Time for them to wake up.



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4 responses to “Why SMRT’s apology is unacceptable

  1. Exactly! They charge us more and more but have obviously been skivving off on security, and now they want to distract us with punishing 2 guys heavily for petty crime? They should step up and take responsibility.

  2. Alan Wong

    It’s just quite ridiculous funny how the mindset of SMRT Officials work.

    If you start taking photos at a MRT station, you are already supposed to be a suspect. That’s why they banned photo taking within the station. Never mind if you are a tourist or innocent commuter.

    Then they engage uncles and aunties as security guards carrying out RAMDOM checks of the bags and belongings of commuters with dark complexion hence the Malays and Indian commuters are often subjected to security checks. Presumably dark coloured people are more likely to be terrorists. I overheard one “WTF” remark from one well-dressed Malay commuter when asked to open up his backpack. Haven’t they learnt that terrorists comes in all kinds of shape and colour ?

    If they are really dead serious about security, they need to implement ‘airport’ type of security at MRT stations. Otherwise, it only provides a false sense of security especially if only random checks are carried out.

    Or are they just bluffing the public about being more vigilant about security ?

  3. sgcynic

    Record profits, year after year. It could very well be record bombing incident in the history of Singapore. Oh well, if Mas Selamat can limped out of Whitley detention centre, what can we expect for two “well-prepared” able-bodied men against a mere train depot. To date, have they caught the culprit(s) who set fire to the buses at the bus interchange? Uniquely Singapore

  4. great post…i am now dubious about taking an MRT.

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