Why I’m satisfied with this election

I know that some people are unhappy that PAP is back in power. But change can’t happen overnight. It took 5 years for a GRC to fall. But it finally did. I think patience is the key here.

Look at the results from another perspective. The overall votes for the PAP have fallen greatly and we now have 6 opposition members in Parliament, more to come if the best losers take up the NCMP offer.

Granted, they still don’t have the numbers to block or approve any policies. But this election, or for the past few elections, has always been about having an alternative voice in Parliament.

Now, we have 6 alternative voices in Parliament, not a lot, but it is a breakthrough. We should be thankful for this.

But this is not a sign for the opposition to rest on it’s laurels. This is a platform that the opposition needs to works on. The ultimate goal will be forming the Government.

Personally, I feel that those who voted for the PAP are those from the older generation. The fear factor is still there. But the fear is slowly but steadily being eroded away, with many of the younger generation being eligible to vote.

I believe that there will be another breakthrough in 5 years time, when my generation gets to finally vote. Our forefathers feared the PAP, we don’t.

I hope in 5 years time, there will be a team that is as brave as the Aljunied GRC’s Workers Party team (picture above). I also hope that in 5 years time, there will be voters in a GRC that is as courageous as the voters in Aljunied GRC.

I can’t wait for the next 5 years.


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One response to “Why I’m satisfied with this election

  1. I still encounter some of the fearful older generation and it’s quite frustrating. Some there are some of the Baby Boomers and SIlent Generation who are with us.

    I am Gen X but am so grateful for the new Gen Y that’s forging ahead with a new way of thinking…..a new questioning generation that reads in between the lines.

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