Day 7: Of bruised shins, minor achievements and hydration

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I bruised my shins so much when I train deadlifts for my powerlifting competition, that I decided to buy deadlifting socks. So when I realised that my shins were getting bruised when learning hip drive and the first pull for snatch, I decided that my socks would come in handy again. After all, most pro-CrossFitters wear long socks.

But today as I was learning about the first pull again during CrossFit class, I started to realised that my knees were starting to get bruised as well. I’m not one to whine, because I feel that bruises are inevitable because when you do any movement with the Olympic bar, the bar has to be close to your body as possible, hence the bruises. Well, a little sacrifice for proper form doesn’t hurt eh?

After a week of CrossFit training, I have some minor achievements to announce. Nothing significant to shout about, but little things like these are motivation for me to get in to the box every single day and train my ass off.

Anyway, as Coach Sam put us through paces of learning hip drive and first pull, I realised that I was sub-conciously shooting my knees out to meet the bar as I slide it up from my shins. Before that, I had to keep reminding myself to shoot my knees out. I guess it’s all about muscle memory.

Next minor achievement was during today’s WOD. It was a 12 min AMRAP of 5 handstand push ups, 10 toes to bar and 15 box jumps. I MANAGED TO DO THE 5 HANDSTAND PUSH UPS. Ok, sorry for shouting. I’m so excited because for a person like me who has never done a handstand in my life, to do a push up while being upside down is a big leap of faith. In fact, I did 25 reps since I managed to complete 5 rounds of the WOD. Which brings me to my next minor achievement.

Every WOD, I aim to go 1 more round. So during this WOD, I decided to do what Coach Sam has been trying hard to teach me. That is, to pace myself. I usually only manage to last for 4 rounds. But I managed to complete 1 more round for this WOD. There, another minor achievement.

I’m going to end this post by touching on hydration. I have started to notice that halfway through my the 3rd or the 4th round of a WOD, I will start to feel extremely thirsty to the point that I have no saliva to swallow.  This is the point where my body starts to slow down and I will have to take a quick pause to go drink some water, hence, wasting a huge amount of time if the WOD is AMRAP.

Well, today I happened to chance on this article by Eric Velazquez, which was published in The Box magazine. It talked about how dehydration affects CrossFitters during WOD and how stopping to drink water is a time-wasting tactic. This article touches on everything that I have described above.

I would love to hear from novice and experienced CrossFitters on their tactics for hydrating before a WOD or what do they do to prevent dehydration during a WOD. Feel free to leave your comments below!


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  1. Hey dude, love the progress you’re tracking and love reading about it too! Quick one: u should make your links open up in a new window! That way I can stay on your site and read and leave the other links aside to read at a later time 😉

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