Day 14: The High Five




I have probably never come across any sport where high fives are exchanged all the time. It doesn’t matter if I’m training with a complete stranger on any given day, because we will be exchanging high fives throughout the WOD.

I’m not sure why and I had my doubts initially, but exchanging high fives with fellow CrossFitters during a WOD is extremely effective to your physical and mental state. Maybe it’s because you know that you are not suffering alone.

Today, the high fives came in handy. The WOD today was 5 rounds for time of 400m run, 60 jump rope and 20 handstand push ups. The first 2 rounds were ok, but the 3rd rounds onwards, it was a struggle to run. But every time I passed my fellow CrossFitters and exchanged high fives on the run back to the box, I push on because I know that we are going through the same WOD and that they are probably as tired as me.

The solidarity in CrossFit is amazing and hard to replicate elsewhere. Next time you meet a person who is very eager to exchange high fives with you, chances are, he or she is a CrossFitter 🙂


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