Day 19: The battle cry

“Movement, intensity…” 

As you stare at the barbell in front of you, listening to the coach shout out final words of advice,  you prime yourself to enter the battlefield. It is during these final moments that you think of your strategy for the workout. As the coach’s voice starts to fade as he turns the music up, you begin to think of what you want to achieve for this WOD….

“3, 2, 1, GOOO!”

The battle cry has been sounded. The time for thinking is over. The fire under your ass has been lit. You pick up the barbell. The urge to blast through the first few reps is strong. But then you remember you already have a strategy planned out. “Stick to the strategy”, the sensible part of your mind screams at you. “No! Go fast while you are still strong! Blast through this”, your over-eager body shouts at you…

You see, doing a WOD in CrossFit is like fighting in a battlefield. Your enemies are your body and your mind. I’m still reflecting on this, but the battle cry of “3, 2, 1 GOOO!” is very effective. It primes your body and mind to handle the physical and mental aspects of the WOD. It is also very effective when you see someone who still has a long to go to complete a WOD in this position:

2013-05-21 20.05.46

The moment you shout “3, 2, 1, GOOO!” at him or her, I assure you that he or she will immediately resume the WOD. That’s the magic of the battle cry. It doubles up as an invisible smack to the ass, the spark to reignite the fire under your ass to push on with the WOD.

Does the battle cry fires you up and encourages you to push on?


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