Day 25: “Hi, My name is Shawn and I’m a CrossFitter”


This is it.

My final post for my “adventure in to CrossFit”.

I’m hesitant to call this post a “finale to my CrossFit journey” because CrossFit and I are not breaking up. We are only getting started.

For the past month, I have grown to love the community training in the box, treating them like how they have treated me. Like a family. Without them, Fire City would just be a soulless place, an empty shell. One may not be a firm believer of this sport, but one cannot deny the strong community that CrossFit produces.

From the moment I stepped in to the box, I could feel that Fire City is the kind of place, like my favourite cafe (The Plain, in case you are wondering), that I could spend all my time in. Granted, I have not yet been to other boxes. But for a newcomer like to me to step in to a place like Fire City, where the learnings of CrossFit was not forced down my throat, but slowly introduced to me, is a testament to what kind of a box Fire City is.

A box is also only as good as it’s coaches. But what is a coach? The definition of coach from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “one who instructs or trains players in the fundamentals of a sport”. I believe that a coach not only needs to do that, but also needs to understand his charges physically and mentally. He knows when you are ready to add on weight to your barbell, when is the right time to teach you kipping and finding the right opportunity to encourage you to break a mental barrier.

Coach Sam is all that. He is not only my coach, but my friend and my brother too. Despite scolding and nagging in training, he is also ever ready to sit down and listen to my problems. His greatest asset as a coach is his smile. Because whenever he sees someone getting frustrated over a technique, he will smile and teach the technique to the person. At that moment, the person’s frustration will be erased and he or she will be eager to give the technique a go again. I am therefore eternally grateful for this opportunity that Coach Sam gave me to try CrossFit.

What’s next for me? I will definitely be staying and training in Fire City for the foreseeable future because I have truly fallen in love with this sport. It took me 6 long years, but I’m glad that I have found my true love.

I know some people still have reservations about CrossFit. They are afraid that CrossFit is too “hardcore” for them, that they are not fit enough for CrossFit. Fear not, because Fire City is not a hell hole where you come to be tortured. The main objective here is for you to train hard and have fun at the same time. So come, join us. You may just find out things about yourself that you didn’t know, both physically and mentally. Check out our website and feel free to drop in any time. If I see you, I will be sure to go up to you and say: “Hi, My name is Shawn and I’m a CrossFitter. Welcome to the box”.



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5 responses to “Day 25: “Hi, My name is Shawn and I’m a CrossFitter”

  1. Congrats on your journey and all your success. I think CrossFit is a great sport and really requires a lot of mental and physical dedication. Awesome post and keep up the great work 🙂

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