Deloading week and a change of plans

After going hard in training for the past month like a bear, I feel that it’s time I take a week off from training to deload. What is a deload, you may ask.

Well, a deload week is simply a week spent recovering from exercise or hard training. Because consistent training event builds a deficit that cannot be repaid in a single rest day, a deload week is a chance for your body to recover from that deficit. I also feel it helps to prevent burnt out from training and for me, CrossFit. As much as I love the sport deeply, I do not want to have an overkill of it.

So this coming week, will be a week where I do active recovery, mobility work and some actual rest. I know I have a powerlifting  meet coming up in July (my friends and my coach are more anxious for me than I am) and I should be training hard for it.

I understand that some people have question my decision to try CrossFit in the middle of training for a meet. However, when I signed up for it, it was never my intention to go out there and “destroy the competition”. This is my first meet, so my goal is not to heap pressure on myself and my objective is to soak in the atmosphere and learn from the veterans. Yes, my numbers will nowhere be as impressive as the ones that the veterans put up, but I have been lifting for years and I won’t lose my strength just because I decided to train in CrossFit.

As I always say, for me, fitness is a learning journey. So it will be interesting to see how CrossFit helps in my powerlifting. You learn new things when you step out of your comfort zone, as what Jason Khalipa found out.

Talking about comfort zones, there will be no more of this:


This will be my last week of internship in Vocanic. It ends a month early because Tribal DDB offered me a job and I took up their offer. Even though I was offered a chance to stay in Vocanic, I turned it down because I was getting too comfortable and I didn’t like it. I always like a challenge and to me, opportunities to work in a big agency like DDB don’t come knocking on your door every day. Vocanic is a great agency and I have learned and grew a lot from working there for the past 3 months. I will definitely miss the friendships I have made. I actually enjoy getting coffee everyday (because it’s The Plain), so the picture above is not a complaint.

It was my plan to go back to studying after my internship ended. But when DDB came knocking, I asked God for his directions. Since I sensed that this was the direction that He wanted me to take, my plans to go back to school will be put on hold for now. Maybe this is  also the chance for me to finally start saving up some moolah and achieve my goal of heading over to Australia to study.

In His time!

And…for those who have been eager to try out CrossFit, here’s your chance! Mention “Medium Shawn” and get $5 off! Hurry!




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4 responses to “Deloading week and a change of plans

  1. Eddy Noir

    Hey man, Tribal DDB offered ya a perm position?

  2. Eddy Noir

    Wow. What position are you entering DDB as? I’ve been dying to move over there! 😦

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