CrossFit with a cause


Since our offices are so near each other, Joshua and I decided to meet for lunch today. We really hit it off because we are similar in many ways. We both do CrossFit, we work in the digital world and are brothers in Christ.

Even though Joshua does CrossFit, he doesn’t have a box to train in. Instead, he and a group of friends train out of the Singapore Weightlifting Federation (SWF). They call themselves Mobilus. As the founder of the group and a Level 1 certified trainer, he does the programming of the WOD around the equipment that SWF has. It isn’t easy for them, but they are tightly knit bunch. As you already know, this is the magic of CrossFit. It brings strangers from all walks of life together.

I asked Joshua what’s stopping him from starting up a box. He explained that they are happy where they are right now and starting a box is not their priority at the moment. Instead, the immediate priority that Joshua and the rest of the group have at the moment is, “Humanitarian Fitness”, which is also Mobilus’ motto.

The group has started a  “Mission Of The Month (MOM)” project, where they come together to WOD and raise funds for humanitarian projects. This month, they are raising funds for a much needed water purification tank for the seaside Sri Lankan village of Mullaitivu.


I’m really impressed with the vision Joshua has for Mobilus and CrossFit in general. This is proof that anyone can reproduce the workouts CrossFit has, but no one can reproduce the community that CrossFit produces. Also, as a fellow brother in Christ, this reminds me of the mission trips that I go on. As Jesus said, “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”. What a way for Joshua to do God’s work and spread his love for CrossFit at the same time.


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