Going Paleo and stepping out of comfort zones


It’s not often you find yourself surrounded by people who are outside of their comfort zones. But in CrossFit, nearly everyone is doing just that. They are here because they have taken that leap of faith.

You see them struggling, but it doesn’t matter. Because it takes courage and a lot of heart to do what they are doing. So when I see people like Ford and Farhan who are runners, struggling with the heavy weights during weightlifting, I don’t secretly laugh at them. Instead, I quietly cheer them on during the movement and encouraging them to pick the barbell up again when their hands are on their knees.

I feel so proud and blessed to see them suffering with me, so much so that I want to “suffer” with them too. So I’m in talks with Ford to run/train with him. Yes, I detest running and I suck at running. But I know that these guys will be cheering me on instead of laughing at me because this is what CrossFit does to you. You cheer for the champion and for the last guy who finishes. You don’t laugh at them. Ever. You don’t see that in other sports.

Seeing others stepping out of their comfort zone has also inspired me to step of my own comfort zone when it comes to food. I’m eating clean and making some Paleo meals at the moment, but I love my grains and dairy, so it’s a little hard for me to go fully Paleo. However, from this week onwards, my meals will be 80% Paleo. Hopefully this will ease my transition in to going fully Paleo.

Taking that leap of faith isn’t always going to be easy, but when you are surrounded by people who are doing it everyday, you just can’t help but feel inspired.



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4 responses to “Going Paleo and stepping out of comfort zones

  1. K

    Hi, out of the topic question but do you already have Reebok Nano 3.0 in Singapore? Will be in there for a few days next month since there’s a great sale and im really hoping to get a pair there. We have a few shipped here in our Reebok stores but its only limited like they only have the neon orange/black for women (which wasn’t the colour i was looking for) and black/red for men (which is nice but they don’t have smaller sizes for me)…

  2. Hey dude, great blog. Want to get in touch with you to do a story on people like yourself. My name is Ewan and I’m the sports editor for Yahoo! Singapore. Can;t find your email here so drop me one? 🙂

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