What happens when you say, “No”

We have all been there.

You are struggling with pain and soreness in the middle of a hard training session, or in a middle of a tough WOD.

Then, seeing you in anguish, your coach or training partner, asked you “Do you want to give up?”

The moment you heard that question, you started second guessing or doubting your ability to finish strong.

“What do I have to lose if I give up now?”

“I just want this pain to be over”

Sounds familiar?

Try saying “No” the next time you are asked that question, no matter how breathless or sore you are.

I’m not sure about you, but whenever someone asked me that question and I simply replied “No”, a part of my mind toughened up and I find that mental resolve, which up to that point was non-existent, to dig deep and finish that set, that round.

You will be surprise with the wonders a simple “No” can do to your mindset.


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One response to “What happens when you say, “No”

  1. Wan Cheng

    Can totally relate to your post! The effectiveness of the word no has been a drive for many big movements out there that empower the oppressed like certain female and ethnic groups!

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