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How I’m making CrossFit sustainable for myself

The very real possibility of getting injured in training is something that has been nagging at me coming in to 2014. As I arrive at the box everyday, I wonder to myself: “Is CrossFit sustainable” The answer to that, is yes, CrossFit is sustainable. The community and getting in to kick-ass shape is what makes CrossFit fun for me. However the only caveat is that I have the discipline to incorporate active recovery in to my training. .

Sometimes we think more training is good, but that’s not true. Less training is sometimes good as well. After all, muscles grow when you are out of the gym. If you have just started CrossFit, going to the box every day is fun because PR-ing is liberating or getting the top of the world (literally) feeling when you finally get that muscle up. Nothing wrong with all that, but as much as we have discipline to turn up for training, we should also have the discipline to know how to “pull” ourselves away from the box too.

No doubt, CrossFit is an extreme sport. But CrossFit doesn’t cause injury. Bad or the lack of mobility and inflexibility causes injury. We think that lifting really heavy weights makes us strong, but what many of us, myself included, fail to realize is that strengthening our basic body movements is the key to making us strong and preventing us from getting injured.

For me, 2014 and the years ahead will not be about chasing more PRs or trying to qualify for the CrossFit Games. It will be about finding the balance of strength and flexibility. That will mean a balance of CrossFit and Yoga for me. Am I concerned that I will fall behind my fellow CrossFitters in terms of strength and faster timings? Yes. But that’s fine with me, because I am responsible for my own body and accountable to myself for making my training sustainable.

The time I spent away from the box, recovering, mobilizing and stretching will be the key to meeting the demands of the WOD when I’m in the box. My goal after all, is to CrossFit for life.


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