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Discipline vs Obsession

It’s three days to my first ever CrossFit competition. Am I ready? Honestly, I do not know.

2014 has seen quite a number of significant changes in terms of my fitness journey. I left my CrossFit box because firstly, I felt I wasn’t progressing; I was getting fitter with all the metcons, but not in strength, which go against everything CrossFit stood for. Secondly, I was getting too caught up with trying to beat metcon timings in the box that I became obsessed with trying to get better at CrossFit.

While I took a break from working out in a community for the past six months, I started training alone and followed The Outlaw Way’s Outlaw Power programming while doing some reflecting on my own.

The question that ate at me was: Why do I feel so empty and hollow when I was chasing big numbers in my lifts and aiming to achieve faster timings?

It dawned on me that the purpose of my life had become all about trying to excel at CrossFit. Shouldn’t my life be about trying to please God? I should workout to live and not live to workout.

I had crossed the fine line between being disciplined and being obsessed. I couldn’t go a week without working out and beating myself up about it. To miss a workout, was not okay to me.

Sin City Invitationals 2014 will be a significant milestone for me when I take to the competition ground this Saturday. I have learned to forgive myself when I miss a workout and knowing the difference between being disciplined and being obsessed. I constantly remind myself  that I train to honour God and not because I want to be faster, stronger and fitter than anyone else.

I haven’t trained as much as I would like to in the last few weeks leading up to the competition because of full day coverage at the WTA Finals and Singapore National Games as a journalist, but I choose to have faith in my training for the last six months, have fun and leave the rest up to God.






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