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Jack Neo: Forgiven but never Forgotten

So, Jack Neo apologised today. I was expecting him to explain why he made such a stupid mistake. But his much anticipated ‘tell all’ turned to be only a ‘I’m sorry’ speech.

For those who don’t know about Singapore’s very own ‘Tiger Woods’ scandal’, let me give you a brief introduction. 

Jack Neo, Singapore’s most successful film-maker, confessed to a two-year affair with a freelance model less than half his age after the woman exposed it by showing up at his Pasir Ris semi-detached home. A few days after that, a string of women came out to ‘air their grievances’ about how the famous director hit on them. His wife, who was surprisingly calm, told the media that she ‘doesn’t care how many women Jack has because she loves him and that she already knew about the affair for a year’. Singapore’s Foreign Minister, George Yeo, a personal friend of Jack, decided to join in the debate about the scandal, by asking Singaporeans to ‘rally around Jack and his family‘. 

I understand the uproar over this incidence. Jack is supposed to be a role model just for the fact the he is the most popular and well-known director in Singapore and he was awarded the PBM in 2004 and a Cultural Medallion in 2005 for his accomplishments in the movie industry.

I also know where some social workers and Singaporeans are coming from when they feel that Mrs Neo’s ‘nonchalant’ attitude over this incident is a ‘disgrace’ to all women. ‘What value is she teaching us?!’ or ‘Is she even a woman’? is their battle cry. After all, what do couples pledge to each other when they say their marriage vows?.

But let’s pause for a moment, shall we?. Why are we baying for his blood?. I’m not supporting extra-marital affairs, but doesn’t everybody make mistakes?.

Yes, as a Christian, Jack should have remembered the ‘Thou shall not commit adultery‘ commandment. Well, he committed that sin, but who are we to judge him?. Let God judge him instead.

I think the witch hunt to find which other women he is involved with is very shameful. I mean, he already committed adultery. Would the number of women he slept with make any difference?.

I would say it’s the Neos’ curse for being famous. Would a normal guy’s extra-marital affairs gain as much attention as this?. Of course not. 

I will say this to those who are baying for his blood. Stop ‘punishing’ him and his family already by trying to look for his ‘other women’. To confess about such ‘dirty linen’ in the public takes courage. Think of the ridicule that his 4 children will go through.

I believe to Jack, he is already being punished by his wife’s decision, which I must say is very brave, to forgive him, which will probably make him even more guilty. I mean, which wife would remain so calm instead of getting mad and divorcing him immediately?. Hopefully, he will learn his lesson.

I’m not one to speculate, but I believe Mrs Neo did what she did to protect her children. After all, a her children is still young. By forgiving her husband and not leaving him, she is allowing her children to grow up in a complete family setting.

So let’s respect her decisions. I believe she has already suffer a great deal by choosing this path. 

But sadly for Jack, while Singaporeans are generally a forgiving bunch and his movies will still continue to entertain us, this scandal will be a black mark on his once unblemished record. 

And what is Minister George Yeo’s role in this scandal?. I have no idea.

Refresh my memory, did President Barack Obama give his ‘two cents worth’ when the Tiger Wood’s scandal broke?.

I rest my case.


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Our Not So Secret Lives: Crossroads

Not So Secret Lives is a story about 2 youths, Trey and Jesse, and the friends around them using a blog. The story is fictional but the issues are what teenagers go through these days. I strongly recommend this blog/show because Trey and Jesse will touch on taboo subjects like Sex, HIV and STI, which my readers will know I blogged about in my earlier posts.

I was invited to the blogger preview of the new season, Our Not So Secret Lives: Crossroads. Not to worry if you missed out on the first season. You can catch up on it in the blog.

The new season begins with Trey finding himself awake the next day after a hangover at a party the previous night in a hotel room, naked. And there is a strand of black hair. Then he starts feeling real guilty about waking up and having no idea what happened.

He starts lying to Jesse over and over again and doesn’t dare to face her. As he recounts the incident of that particular with his best friend, Cameron, the picture of what happened that night became clearer. And he realises he had unprotected sex.

I feel that since he already has a girlfriend, he shouldn’t be getting drunk and having sex with random strangers. The result of his irresponsible actions may lead to serious consequences. AIDS, for one, comes to mind.

“Harmless fun may not be as harmless as you think”. Find out why at Not So Secret Lives. You can join in the discussions too in the Facebook fan page

There is a contest too. Click here

Four $200 CapitaGift Cards are up for grabs.
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Lucky draw prizes (x2): One participant (blog reader) will be picked from all qualified submitted entries (excluding the Judges’ Choice) along with the blogger from whose blogsite the participant had submitted the entry through.

Submission deadlines
The contest starts on 7 March 2010, and ends on 28 March 2010, 2359hrs. Any entry after 28 March will not be considered for the contest.

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Goodbye 2009, and no, I don’t do resolutions.

And just like that, 2009 is gone. If someone told me at the end of 2008 that 2009 would be an eventful for me, I would have laughed my head off. But really, 2009 was a great year for me. I achieved my dreams of organising my church’s youth camp and returning to Cambodia. Relationships wise, I would live to believe that I’m more mature in handling them now. People walk in and out of my life. I don’t care when they will leave, I’m only concern if I will be able to learn anything from them.

Social media has played an important role in my life, without me realising it. The friends I made on Twitter are an amazing bunch of people. Their tweets inspire me and help me see the world around me. I spent the last few hours of 2009 at hackerspacesg with a bunch of social media enthusiasts talking about the future of social media. Though I wasn’t able to contribute much to the discussion, I was impressed that these people cared so much about social media. I counted down the last hours of 2009 with them, and by the time we sing finish ‘Auld Lang Syne’, I was ready to do my part for the future of social media in Singapore.

New year resolutions. Whatever for?. It cramps my style of living my life. I don’t make a set of rules to live every new year. I follow God’s rules of living and that’s enough for me.

So here’s to 2010. Have a great one!.


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