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Warning: The video content contained within this post is likely to greatly disturb those who have not seen these things many times before. People die. It is real.

The video that you just watched happened on July 12, 2007.
Two United States Army AH-64 Apache helicopters opened fire on a group of Iraqis, killing twelve people, including two members of staff from the Reuters news service: Namir Noor-Eldeen and Saeed Chmagh.
The incident began when the helicopters’ crews spotted a gathering of Iraqis near an open air section of Baghdad. During their surveillance of the group, the crewmen reported seeing weapons in the hands of the Iraqis, and believing that the group were Iraqi insurgents, requested authorization to engage the group.
After receiving approval, they opened fire on the group, killing or wounding several of its members. Following the initial attack, ground forces were dispatched to the scene.
An unmarked van arrived in the area before the US ground forces; occupants of the van attempted to evacuate the injured from the scene, only to be attacked from the helicopters.
A subsequent legal review by staff at Forward Operating Base Loyalty in Iraq during July 2007, cleared the helicopter crews, determining that the helicopters had engaged a number of armed insurgents within the rules of engagement and in an apparent case of collateral damage had left two reporters working for Reuters dead.
Freedom of Information Act requests by Reuters for the official reports and video recordings of the events were unsuccessful. On April 5, 2010, the Internet leak website Wikileaks released a classified video of the incident entitled Collateral Murder, acquired at an undisclosed time from an undisclosed source.
Taken from the gunsights of an attacking helicopter, the roughly forty-minute video depicts the incident in its entirety, including uncensored radio chatter to and from the units involved in the attack and their officers.
Reuters cited an anonymous U.S. military official as confirming “that the video and audio were authentic

I was left speechless after watching this video. I don’t know about you, but calling the helicopter pilots heartless, is an understatement. There is simply just no words to describe this horror.

I wonder how the pilots sleep at night. How on earth is a camera a RPG?

Armed insurgents my ass. God bless the innocent souls who died for nothing.


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