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Why vuvuzelas are bad

Vuvuzelas. The FIFA World Cup 2010 will be remembered for these horns. Some people love them, but others, including me, hate them. If you don’t know about them, your ears will love you. A brief background on these horns.

The instrument requires some lip and lung strength to blow and emits a loud buzzing sound. Now, imagine 80,000 people blowing them at the same time. To me, it sounds like watching a football match in an air-con vent. But apparently, different people have heard different things. Descriptions ranged from ‘a stampede of noisy elephants’ to ‘a goat on the way to slaughter’.

Football players have been complaining about it, with France captain, Patrice Evra claiming that people start playing them from 6am.

If you believe the conspiracy theorists, the vuvuzelas have claimed a ‘casualty’ in Robert Green, who dropped a clanger in England draw with USA.




And no wonder Green made the mistake. The crowd uses the vuvuzelas for EVERYTHING that is happening in the match.

I would rather hear the crowd chant, sing songs, or beat their drums. Anything but the horns. Which does absolutely nothing to add to the atmosphere.

Watch this space for the vuvuzelas’ next victim.



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Football has gone to the dogs.

Football used to be all about fair play and respect.

But sadly, there’s no such thing in today’s game. We have players who dive for to win a penalty, scream in to the referee’s face when things don’t go their way, and even knowingly score a goal with their hand.

And then now, we have a coach who comes out and order his players to handle the ball when they lose possession due to injury. This joker is none other than Arsenal’s coach, Prof Arsene Wenger.

Case in point:

Denilson was on the ball in midfield at the Emirates on Saturday when he suddenly collapsed in pain clutching his side, allowing Everton to launch a quick counter attack which almost won them the game.

But Wenger said: ‘I wasn’t upset that Everton played on. I said to Denilson that if that happens you have to commit a handball. I’m very serious.

‘If you go down and there hasn’t been a foul, you cannot ask Everton to stop their counter attack and not score. So, if you go down like that, at least put your hand on the ball and it’s a free-kick.’

What the hell?. I’m disappointed. Really. Such words coming from a learned man like Wenger. I’m a Manchester United fan, but I have great respect for Wenger. I admire how he build a team with players who are as old as me, and for giving good suggestion to improve the game of football.

But after his latest comments, my respect for him has gone down a notch. Remember, this is the same guy who claimed he was ‘blind’ when his striker dived to win a penalty.

For his latest comment, I believe that Arsene Wenger should be punished. Lest some kid in his school’s soccer team thinks its perfectly alright  to handle the ball when he’s fouled.

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