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Singaporeans, no longer just keyboard warriors

So over the weekend, Hong Lim Park was transformed in to this:


Picture taken from Al Jazeera

Picture taken from Al Jazeera

You would have thought that there was a concert being held in Hong Lim Park, since that seems to be the only event that is able to draw so a huge number of Singapore to a location together. But no, this was a protest rally against the  Population White Paper, which suggested that by 2030, Singapore will have a population of 6.9 million, which almost half of the population will be foreigners.

Surprised by the huge number of people, which some estimates put it at almost 5000 coming out to protest? Don’t be. The anger and the unhappiness with the broken system of the Singapore government has been festering since the 2011 General Election. The release of the White Paper was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back, which drove so many Singaporeans away from their comfortable position behind the computer’s keyboard to standing in the heavy rain in Hong Lim Park to protest.

I’m so glad we are no longer keyboard warriors or armchair critics, because letting our voices heard is the most important thing. The Singapore Government wants a National Conversation? The people have spoken. Now, its your turn to listen.

Picture taken from The Straits Times

Picture taken from The Straits Times

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