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The end of an era

It is official. Gordon Brown has stepped down as Britain’s Prime Minister and paving the way for the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to form a coalition government. It also means that the Labour Party’s reign as the ruling party in Britain has ended after 13 years. David Cameron will be the new Prime Minister and Nick Clegg will be the Deputy Prime Minister.



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UK General Election 2010 quick update

The election results are coming in thick and fast, so I will just update you on the latest so far and give you the links to British bloggers, websites and basically people who are on the scene.

Latest election results so far:

Conservatives: 305 seats
Labour: 258 seats
Liberal Democrats: 57 seats
Going by the latest seats count, Britain’s parliament is hung. A hung Parliament is created if no party wins an outright majority. In this election that would require one party to win 326 seats out of 650 with the Tories predicted to win only 309 at the current count.
If the Tories do not form a minority government, two parties must form a coalition to govern in order to create an overall majority of MPs.
Blogs to follow:
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UK General Election Debate Round 3

This is the last round of the election debate in UK. The voters will have time to think and will cast their votes on 6th May 2010. This debate focuses on the economy.


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UK General Election Debate Round 2

I’m unable to find the full videos at the moment, so the videos below are broken up into a few parts. Alternatively, you can go to Sky News website to watch the full video.

Gordon Brown vs David Cameron vs Nick Clegg Round 2

As the leaders had a go at each other again, I felt Nick Clegg was calmed and relaxed and answered the questions directly, unlike the other two who forgot that this debate includes the Liberal Democrats and not just Labour and Tories.

Both Brown and Cameron tried to play the “look at those two” card that Clegg carried off so well the previous week, but when they did it it looked like a tactic that each had suddenly remembered to deploy.

Gordon Brown looked like a total idiot on TV. He was draggy and over-technical, and his attempts at humour sounded desperate.

Looking forward to the last debate next week.

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UK General Election Debate Round 1

Ok. I know I’m a week late in posting this, but better late than never.

A little background information of this debate:

The debates run without a break for 90 minutes and are broadcast weekly by ITV, BSkyB and the BBC over three successive Thursday evenings starting on 15 April.

Each debate, through the questions selected, is to focus on a set theme for the first half of the debate: domestic, international and economic affairs, before moving on to general issues.

During each debate the leaders will be asked questions not known to them in advance, but selected beforehand by the broadcasters, and asked either by the audience, or via email.

Key figures of the debates are, the incumbent Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party, Gordon Brown, the Leader of the Opposition and Conservative Party leader David Cameron and Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, the third largest political party in the UK.

After watching this debate, which was Britain’s first attempt of live debates, I was struck by how actively Nick Clegg and David Cameron are involved in the country’s affairs.

Which led me to wonder why we don’t see this happening in Singapore. It would be a breakthrough if Singapore does a similar debate. But honestly speaking, with the state of the opposition here, it would be a live massacre by the ruling party.

Perhaps Singapore’s opposition parties can pick up a thing or two from Nick Clegg and David Cameron when watching the debates.

Stay tuned to this blog for round two and three.

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